UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

UK-CAB 37; Treatment as prevention

Friday 4 February 2011


09:30–10:00 Registration, refreshments and expenses
10:00–10:05 Welcome and UKCAB updates
10:05–10.30 Pre-Meeting for Gilead
10:30–11:30 iPrEX Trial design; statistical aspect of the results relating to the adherence data – Dr Colette Smith
11:30–11:40 Break
11:40–12:40 Science behind PrEP/Pharmacology Training; complexity of how drugs are absorbed and measured in different body compartments, and particularly for PrEP – Dr Steve Taylor, Heart of England NHS Trust, Birmingham
12:40–14:00 Lunch
14:00–15:30 Company meeting: Gilead
15.30–15.35 Break
15:35–16:00 UKCAB AOB
16.00 Close

Background reading

What happens to drugs in the body? (Fact sheet on pharmacokinetics)

About iPrEX

Treatment as prevention:

Many HIV Positive Women on Antiretroviral Therapy Have Detectable Virus in Genital Tract

Studies Look at Antiretroviral Drug Levels in Genital Fluids, Prospects for Use in Microbicides

AVAC’s resource page on PrEP, which will direct your attention to all sorts of reports and comment on the iPrEx trial and its implicaitons:

EATG’s report on an AVAC/EATG/NAM/EUROPRISE community advocates’ meeting in Brussels last September where the implications of PrEP were gone into in some detail

Presentations from EATG meeting

Aidsmap’s original news reports on iPrEx are at

Useful articles on the problem of measuring and supporting adherence in prevention trials
and (from a few years ago, but still relevant).

Presentations from this meeting

iPrEX Trial Design; statistical aspect of the results relating to the adherence data [PDF, 120Kb]

– Dr Colette Smith, Royal Free Hospital

Genital Tract ART Implications for transmission 2010 [PowerPoint presentation, 6MB]

– Dr Steve Taylor, Heart of England NHS Trust

Financial support

The UK-CAB receives unrestricted funding from some pharmaceutical companies towards the direct costs of holding four meetings each year. This funding supports the travel and accommodation costs for members to attend from outside London, plus the cost of catering.

The content, programme and agenda for meetings is decided by the UK-CAB steering group in consultation with the wider membership. Funding is unconnected to meeting content.

We believe that manufacturers who currently develop and market medicines have a responsibility to actively engage with advocacy organisations and that HIV positive people and their advocates should be able to directly question manufacturers about the safety and efficacy of their products and proposals for future research.

For a list of companies that support the UK-CAB please see the “about us” page.