UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

UK-CAB statement on Farage proposed ban of HIV positive migrants

The UK Community Advisory Board,  UK largest network of HIV treatment advocates and People Living with HIV, condemn without reservation the call from Nigel Farage to ban people with HIV from entering the UK.

This singling out of HIV reinforces existing levels of stigma and prejudice around HIV, and discourages people from getting tested, remaining in care and receiving treatment. A person with HIV who is on treatment and who adheres to the treatment regimen is non-infectious in many cases and therefore not a threat.

Transmissions of HIV that took place between people within the UK currently outnumber those that may have taken place between people elsewhere.

We regard the scapegoating of HIV and of migrants as politically opportunistic, shameless and not born out by the facts.

Silvia Petretti

UK-CAB Chair