UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

UK-CAB 53: HIV prevention

Friday 23 January 2015


09.15-09.30 Registration, refreshments and expenses
09.30-09.45 Welcome, introductions, UKCAB updates, Company pre-meeting
09.45-10.15 Patient perspective on PrEP – Charles Witzel
10.15-10.45 PROUD study update – Mitzy Gafos, MRC
10.45-11.00 BREAK
11.00-12.00 Doctor’s perspective on TasP and PrEP – Dr Laura Waters, Mortimer Market Centre
12.00-12.30 PrEP – a policy perspective – Eleanor Briggs, NAT
12.30-14.00 Lunch 
14.00-15.30 Company meeting: Gilead 
15.30-15.45 BREAK
15.45-16.30 Conferences feedback: Glasgow HIV congress, BHIVA 5 Nations conference
16.30-16.45 Member feedback, UK-CAB AOB
16.45 Meeting close

Presentations from this meeting

Patient perspective on PrEP
PROUD study update
TasP and PrEP – doctor’s perspective
TasP and PrEP – a policy perspective

Background reading

Here are few short videos – please watch these for Friday’s meeting.
There are other articles and report to read too.
The HIV i-Base Q&A is  already on the website from last meeting is quite easy to read and relevant for this meeting.

Glasgow conference webcasts:

A community perspective on PrEP AND panel discussion (37mins) – Simon Collins gives a non-technical perspective on the use of PrEP.

TasP unanswered questions to date (17:50mins) – Stefano Vella’s session on TasP to curb the HIV epidemic.

Articles and reports: Please look around the following US websites:

Chicago-based community site: men and women – features real stories from people who have chosen to use PrEP as one way to protect themselves from HIV.

Series of 31 articles in The Advocate (LGBTQ magazine) – a series of blogs and personal videos

San Francisco site for MSM – easy to read information about PrEP

Demystifying PrEp: (5mins)
PrEP, short for pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a relatively new HIV prevention strategy in which an HIV-negative person takes a daily pill to reduce the risk for HIV infection. PrEP has made headlines recently—and the messages haven’t always been clear. Watch this video to get the facts about how PrEP works and see three PrEP myths busted.
Video is made in the US and talks about health insurance and access, please disregard as this does not apply to the UK.

No HIV transmissions with undetectable viral load: interim PARTNER study results show need for longer follow-up – first results from this study.

HIV treatment as prevention – an easy to read article with various sections on TasP for easier navigation.

Q&A on PrEP in the UK and changes to the HIV PROUD study

I’m an HIV Physician. And I’m Starting PrEP. An article from the The Body by an HIV positive doctor aged 60 and is happy to start PrEP.

Could HIV treatment mean safer sex? – presented at IAS Melbourne 2014


Financial support

The UK-CAB receives unrestricted funding from some pharmaceutical companies towards the direct costs of holding four meetings each year. This funding supports the travel and accommodation costs for members to attend from outside London, plus the cost of catering.

The content, programme and agenda for meetings is decided by the UK-CAB steering group in consultation with the wider membership. Funding is unconnected to meeting content.

We believe that manufacturers who currently develop and market medicines have a responsibility to actively engage with advocacy organisations and that HIV positive people and their advocates should be able to directly question manufacturers about the safety and efficacy of their products and proposals for future research.

For a list of companies that support the UK-CAB please see the “about us” page.


Published: October 28, 2013
Last edited: January 21, 2015