UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

UK-CAB 56 – HIV cure research update, IAS feedback

Friday 16 October 2015


09.30-09.45 Arrival
09.45-10.15 Welcome and introductions, UK-CAB updates, company pre-meeting
10.15-11.00 Community perspective on cure – Damian Kelly
11.00-11.15 BREAK
11.15-12.30 HIV cure update – Dr Sarah Fidler, Imperial College London
12.30-14.00 LUNCH
14.00-15.30 Company meeting: BMS
15.30-15.40 BREAK
15.40-16.30 IAS feedback
16.30-16.45 Member updates 
16.45 AOB
16.45 Meeting close

Presentations from this meeting

Community perspective on cure
HIV cure research update

Background reading

IAS Conference 2015 

Here are two community reviews from the IAS conference by HIV i-Base and NAM:

Recent progress in cure research – this article summarises the plenary talks at this annual cure research workshop in Vancouver

Targets proliferate in HIV cure research – this article features a more varied range of experimental approaches than ever in the search for ways of eliminating HIV infection from the body.

HIV cure research The challenge of retroviral biology by John Coffin (webcast 40mins)
The webcast describes the challenges of finding a cure for HIV.
NOTE: this is a technical long webcast. It has very interesting parts and a good place to learn complex data. I would still urge you to listen and if you do not understand, its still OK.

Introduction to cure

The basics of HIV cure research – here is a summary of the AVAC slide set:

The rest of the slides (32) can be found here:

Reference tools:

HIV Cure glossary – This glossary is designed for the media and laypersons interested in understanding the issues involved in curing HIV. It is essential to understanding most of the material to know what HIV, DNA and a virus are.

HIV Cure research resources from Treatment Action Group (TAG) this is a resource listing of articles, reports, websites, and on going clinical trials related to the research effort to cure HIV infection:

AVAC CUREicilum – is a suite of tools that provides simple, accessible information on HIV cure research, organizing into a systematic format for on going or issue-specific learning. The CUREiculum was developed in a multi-collaboratory process by leading scientists, community educators and various advocacy organizations who recognized the need for increasing literacy in this exciting arena.

RIVER and the Cherub Collaboration (UK)

Financial support

The UK-CAB receives unrestricted funding from some pharmaceutical companies towards the direct costs of holding four meetings each year. This funding supports the travel and accommodation costs for members to attend from outside London, plus the cost of catering.

The content, programme and agenda for meetings is decided by the UK-CAB steering group in consultation with the wider membership. Funding is unconnected to meeting content.

Companies that develop and market medicines have a responsibility to actively engage with advocacy organisations. HIV positive people and their advocates should also be able to ask manufacturers directly about the safety and efficacy of their products. We should be involved in their proposals for future research.

For a list of companies that support the UK-CAB please see the “about us” page.