UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)


Are you a UK-CAB member…
•   Living with HIV
•   Interested in becoming more involved in working with and for the community?
Then this UK-CAB 3-day training may be just what you are looking for.

The training aims to improve your skills in community representation and advocacy and your confidence to take up roles in these areas. Past trainees have gone on to take up roles as community representatives on the British HIV Association (BHIVA) committees, clinical and research advisory boards and regional commissioning groups, speak at conferences, and lead local patient forums.

The training will cover:
•   Evidence-based science in relation to research
•   Understanding trial design, research and the role of pharmaceutical companies
•   The HIV lifecycle
•   Treatment literacy
•   Understanding advocacy and representation – how to be an effective community representative

Who can apply?
All UK-CAB members are welcome to apply.
Priority will be given to members who have not attended the training before.

You need:
•   Basic literacy and numeracy skills
•   An interest in learning about the scientific aspect of HIV and HIV treatment
•   To be already engaged in some kind of community activity around HIV and keen to be more involved
•   To be committed to improving the lives of people living with HIV, in all their diversity, in the UK

About UK-CAB
UK-CAB is a UK-wide network for community HIV treatment advocates. It was set up in 2002 to enable HIV treatment activists to better understand science and research.
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