UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)



The way UK-CAB works reflects the history and current development of the network.

UK-CAB was started by HIV i-Base in 2002. At the beginning, HIV i-Base advocates directed the programme. A Steering Group of members now directs the programme.

UK-CAB is a working network not a legal entity.

Current arrangements

The Steering Group has appointed an organisation to act as its secretariat, for example hold funds and provide administrative services. For the time being this is HIV i-Base (the organisation that started UK-CAB).

The work plan is set by the Steering Group in consultation with members. Funding for projects is sought by the Steering Group in consultation with the secretariat. Administration of funds is the responsibility of the secretariat. A fair contribution to the secretariat’s overheads is agreed by the Steering Group.

Funds have been secured to employ a coordinator from 2008-2011. This is an administrative and developmental role. The coordinator acts as the secretary to the Steering Group and the UK-CAB.

The coordinator works closely with the Chair and Steering Group to action and monitor the work plan. The secretariat is responsible for employing and managing the coordinator. The secretariat is expected to provide mentoring and technical advice to the coordinator.