UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

Meeting organisation

Quarterly national meetings

The Steering Group agrees the meeting programme. Members are encouraged to suggest topics and assist with organisation.

A UK-CAB member is appointed as convener for the meeting to:

  • Chair the meeting
  • Set the detailed programme
  • Ensure high quality speakers and trainers, including from pharmaceutical companies
  • Ensure high quality background material is produced and the meeting is advertised
  • Oversee production of a meeting report

The coordinator handles administrative and logistical aspects of arranging meetings.

Ad hoc meetings

Ad hoc meetings operate in a similar way to the quarterly meetings.


Time for networking is included in all meetings, and wherever possible, on other occasions when UK-CAB members are present, for example BHIVA conferences. Suggestions on how to increase opportunities for advocates to meet face-to-face are welcome (and, importantly, offers to organise these). A Steering Group member will aim to attend every networking occasion.