UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

Membership terms

By joining the UK-CAB, members confirm that they understand and accept the terms of membership set out here.

Participation is open to HIV-positive people and community advocates.

  • HIV-positive people
  • People with a research, advocacy, health or social care role in HIV
  • People personally affected by HIV
  • Parents or guardians of children under the age of 16 affected by HIV
  • Carers of HIV-positive people

Directors and employees of pharmaceutical companies involved in research into HIV treatment and diagnostics, or employees of agencies providing PR, marketing and other professional services for these companies may not join the UK-CAB. We work closely with industry, but the UK-CAB is a community-based network, and it is important to respect this boundary.

Membership is free.

A valid email address is needed in take part.

Members must use just one email address to take part in UK-CAB, and inform the secretariat if this changes.

Joining includes registration on the web-based message boards.

Participation in the message board is subject to a user agreement.

The UK-CAB message board includes a member-only area. Members are encouraged to take an active part, start discussions, share information and contribute comments — all views are valuable. The message board is the main means of day-to-day communication.

Individuals join as members in their own right.

Many members of the UK-CAB are linked to organisations in the UK. Members also include HIV-positive people, people affected by HIV and advocates that are not linked to organisations.

Membership is not transferable.

Members are welcome to attend all UK-CAB meetings.

Members attending UK-CAB meetings are encouraged to share their input and learning with others wherever possible, for example by holding a local feedback session, or writing about the meeting in a newsletter, particularly if the member is associated with an organisation.

Members are expected to declare any potential conflicts of interest.

Members may serve on the UK-CAB Steering Group.

Members may serve as community representatives for UK-CAB.

This includes, among others, BHIVA guideline writing groups and MRC trial steering committees.

Members may propose and volunteer to lead UK-CAB projects.

Members may volunteer to organise or present at UK-CAB meetings.

Members may resign by informing the Steering Group or secretariat.

Members are approved by the Steering Group.

As a rule, all applicants who meet the conditions set out here will be approved. The Steering Group may delegate approval, for example to the secretariat.

The Steering Group may decline an application for membership if it believes it is in the UK-CAB’s best interests to do so.

There is a simple process for an appeal for declined applications, but the Steering Group’s decision is final.

Members may be removed by the Steering Group if the Steering Group believes it is in the best interests the UK-CAB’s best interests to do so.

There is a simple process for an appeal for removed members, but the Steering Group’s decision is final.

The current best scientific understanding is that HIV is a virus, and HIV infection can lead to serious illness and death if untreated.

If you disagree with this position you are strongly discouraged from joining. Members who maliciously or mischievously question or deny the pathogenesis of HIV may find their views unwelcome, and may have their membership suspended or revoked.