UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

UK-CAB message board user agreement and posting rules

Guidelines for posting to the UK-CAB forum

The UK-CAB is a community group that focusses on HIV, treatment and related issues.

It is an open membership organisation, run by an elected volunteer steering group.

The discussion forum connects over 700 members. Posts can cover any aspect of HIV care, and related experiences, services, policies and guidelines. It is easy to publicise projects you are involved in or even to ask about your own care.

The forum is not moderated.

This depends on a the few simple guidelines below.

  1. Please keep posts relevant to HIV treatment or related issues.
  2. A clear subject line will help people reading your post.
  3. Please be kind and considerate when you post or reply.
  4. If you disagree with a post, please focus on the issue and not on the person posting.
  5. This includes respect over gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, HIV status and political views, etc.
  6. All posts are confidential to UK-CAB members.
  7. Posts should not be for personal profit.
  8. Although now rarely an issue, joining the CAB involves agreeing that HIV is the cause of AIDS

    Thank you for interest in this project.

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    Other details: the small print
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    Please also follow the guidelines for posting (see above).

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    Copyright for your posts remains with you. By posting, you grant the right to for your content to be displayed. We reserve the right to delete or edit posts to make sure that they comply with house rules.

    You are responsible for making sure that third party copyright material is used fairly.
    Guide to fair dealing for web posting.

    Abuse of other message board members.
    This is a serious matter and may result in an immediate ban. People come to this message board with different life experiences and values. We ask you to respect this.

    Disruption to the service
    Moderators may remove any user who attempts to disrupt any of the UK-CAB’s web-based services in any way. This includes posting attachments, documents and other content which contain viruses, trojans and the like.

    Continuity and security of service
    There is no guarantee that the will always run or be error free.

    Lawful use
    You agree to use the site for lawful purposes only.

    Changes to terms
    The UK-CAB may change these terms at any time.

    Content posted here is created by members. The views expressed are theirs. Unless specifically stated, they are not the views of the UK-CAB.

    The UK-CAB is not responsible for any of the content or related links.