UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

UK-CAB representation at pharmaceutical company Community Advisory Boards

Policy on representation and payment

Pharmaceutical companies sometimes hold their own Community Advisory Boards. It is sometimes useful and practical for UK-CAB to field a representative. When a members agree to represent UK-CAB at these meetings payment will be split 50/50 between UK-CAB and the member themselves.

Industry-organised CABs can be problematic because they are not organised by the community. Nonetheless, they can provide a useful way to communicate with pharmaceutical companies.

When it is desirable UK-CAB is represented at these meetings, a call for volunteers will be put out via the message boards.

The organising company will be expected to reimburse the representative’s expenses.

Any fee for attendance should be remitted to UK-CAB. Half will be forwarded to the member representing UK-CAB at the meeting.

The representative should report back on the meeting via the message boards or to the UK-CAB Co-ordinator.

UK-CAB sets no limit on the number of members who may attend these meetings as its representatives. This is a matter for the organising company to decide.

The Steering Group discussed and agreed this policy in July 2008.