UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

UK-CAB members

Membership of UK-CAB is free and open to HIV positive people and community advocates.

  • Individuals join the UK-CAB as members in their own right.
  • Many members of the UK-CAB are linked to a wide range of organisations in the UK.
  • Members also include advocates that are not linked to organisations, and HIV-positive people who want to use the training offered in the workshops.
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UK-CAB members standing together

Organisations linked through the UK-CAB

Other members

Past members

The following previous member organistations have closed or merged due to funding.

  • Baseline Magazine
  • Cara have merged with River House Trust.
  • Faith in people (Leicester)
  • North Yorkshire AIDS Action
  • Positive Action (Hampshire)
  • Positive Nation Magazine
  • Positive Parenting and Children (merged with METRO Charity)
  • Worcester AIDS Foundation