UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

UK-CAB steering group

The CAB is run by a Steering Group (SG) elected from UK-CAB members.

This SG coordinates the development of the project and plans the work programme.

Current members:

What is expected of the Steering Group members?

The Steering Group is drawn from its members directs  the UK-CAB programme, the role involves:

  • Deciding the work plan, in consultation with members.
  • Attend 75% of the meetings each year.
  • Agree the programme for national UK CAB meetings.
  • Approve members.
  • Deal with election and selection of community representatives.
  • Appoint the secretariat.
  • Monitors the budget, in consultation with the secretariat.
  • Seeks funds, in consultation with the secretariat.
  • Develops the administrative and governance procedures for the network, in consultation with the secretariat and membership.
  • Selects a Chair for UK-CAB from among its number.
  • Appoints other voluntary officers as needed from among its number or the members.

Quarterly national meetings

The Steering Group agrees the meeting programme. Members are encouraged to suggest topics and assist with organisation. A UK-CAB member is appointed as convener for the meeting to:

  • Chair the meeting
  • Work with the timekeeper.
  • Ensure meeting runs smoothly.

Serving terms on the Steering Group:

  • Elected Steering Group members serve a term of 2 years. No more than 2 consecutive terms may be served.
  • The UK-CAB rep on the BHIVA Executive Committee serves for the duration of that office. Any number of consecutive terms may be served.
  • The Secretariat representative serves for 1 year. Any number of consecutive terms may be served.
  • Other non-voting advisers are co-opted on an annual basis. Any number of consecutive terms may be served.
  • Only members living and/or working in the UK may join the Steering Group.