UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

BHIVA guidelines writing groups and committees

The British HIV Association (BHIVA) is the UK association representing professionals in HIV care. It is a respected organisation that operates as a national advisory board on all aspects of HIV care. BHIVA is committed to ensuring that the patient voice is included in all areas of its work. They invite the UK-CAB to recruit and select community representatives for BHIVA guidelines writing groups and committees.

BHIVA guidelines are valuable documents that set the standard of care. BHIVA has produced a range of guidelines for the management of HIV infection since 1990. While guidelines are written for the UK they are also influential internationally.

BHIVA guidelines are evidenced-based, drawing on data from clinical trials. Each set of guidelines are drafted by a writing group made up of BHIVA members – doctors, pharmacists, nurses and researchers – and one or two community representatives.

You do not need to be an expert to be a BHIVA community representative. It is your personal experience and connection to the wider community that is valuable. However, you are expected to gather community views, feedback progress, attend BHIVA meetings and read and respond to emails. It can be hard work, but is really rewarding on a personal and community level.

BHIVA community representatives also get free registration to BHIVA’s two annual conferences.

Need to know more?

  • If you are interested but feel you need to learn more about the subject area and the process of writing the guidelines, you can apply to shadow the main community representative who will act as your mentor.
  • Find more information on the roles and responsibilities of a BHIVA community representative here.
  • Find a list of current BHIVA community reps here.
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