UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

Selection and election

Wherever possible, community representatives are democratically elected. This enables transparency.

Vacant and new positions are posted on the message board. UK-CAB members can apply by filling out a simple form, including a personal statement saying why they wish to be considered and how they meet the criteria for the role

The Steering Group is responsible for deciding if candidates meet the criteria for the position – taking into account the need for diverse representation and the possibility of offering mentoring and shadow roles. Where particular skills and experience are required, for example a BHIVA guidelines writing group, the Steering Group will agree on the criteria prior to selection and election.

If there is more than one candidate who meets the criteria, there will be an election. The person with the most votes will be appointed. In the case of there being only one applicant, the Steering Group will put that person forward for the position. In cases where there are no applications for a position, the Steering Group may co-opt or call on individual members who have the relevant skills and perspective needed for the role.

After the selection of the main representative, the Steering Group may offer a shadow role to members. Candidates follow the same procedure as for any other role.

Community representatives may be subject to ratification by the body in which they will participate. Community representatives are public positions and their names are listed on the UK-CAB website and often on the relevant body’s website and materials.

Selection and election process

  • A role description and criteria will be published on the message board, with a deadline for applications.
  • Members wishing to apply must complete a simple form, including a personal statement saying why they wish to be considered and how they meet the criteria for the role.
  • If requested, candidates will provide the name of another member who endorses their application for selection. Consideration for selection will depend on this member providing an endorsement.
  • Applications are then reviewed by members with elections being conducted online using SurveyMonkey. The secretariat acts as teller. A scrutineer can be appointed.
  • A simple majority vote determines the outcome. In the case of a tie, the Steering Group will have a casting vote.
  • The outcome will be posted on the message board.