UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

Past UK-CAB meetings

UK-CAB 87: Meeting at BHIVA Spring conference – May 2024
BHIVA and CROI conferences feedback
HIV outcomes and community involvement
UK-CAB’s submission for the HIV APPG’s inquiry into the state of HIV and Sexual Health services in the UK
The Sitges Meetings: What We Wanted was What We Needed – documentary
Member updates
Company meeting: none
Meeting report (to follow)

UK-CAB 86: Doravirine/Islatravir studies, MSD, Breastfeeding guidelines and Positive voices survey results – March 2024
MSD pre-meeting
Doravirine/Islatravir studies
Breastfeeding guidelines
Positive voices survey results
Member updates
Company meeting: MSD – Diversity in clinical trial recruitment
Meeting report (to follow)
UK-CAB 85: EACS conference feedback, HTLV-1 study, November 2023
EACS conference feedback
Human T-lymhotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) study
Belong project (EATG)
Member updates
Company meeting: none
Meeting report
UK-CAB 84: ViiV Healthcare and IAS feedback, August 2023
Company pre-meeting
IAS Feedback
NICE and Injectable PrEP
STI/HIV 2023 World Conference Feedback
Member Updates
Company meeting: ViiV Healthcare
Meeting report

UK-CAB 83: BHIVA and CROI conferences feedback, April 2023
BHIVA conference feedback by members
CROI feedback
U=U t-shirt making video
Reaching women through research and community led programmes
Together for the journey
4M Mentor Mothers Making Magic: Person professional development for prevention and peer support
Members discussion: Reflection on meaningful activism and community involvement
Company meeting: none
Meeting report

UK-CAB 82: Glasgow conference feedback, Gilead Sciences, RIO study update, November 2022
Glasgow conference feedback
RIO Study Feedback
IAS feedback
Company meeting:  Gilead Sciences
Meeting report (to follow)

UK-CAB 81:  ViiV Healthcare, Monkeypox virus update , July 2022
Company pre-meeting
Monkeypox virus – personal story: Harun Tulunay
Monkeypox virus update
Fast Track Cities updates
Company meeting:  ViiV Healthcare
Meeting report (to follow)

UK-CAB 80: Long acting agents, CROI and BHIVA feedback, April 2022
Injectables – what is the demand and how do they fit into current practice?
CROI 2022 feedback
Migrants and HIV
BHIVA spring conference feedback
BHIVA guidelines writing groups
Induction to NICR for patient organisations
Meeting report

UK-CAB 79:  IAS feedback, August 2021
IAS feedback
Introduction to POPPY study on depression
UK-CAB online training
Member updates

UK-CAB 78: Meeting with Theratechnologies June 2021
Thera Technologies pre-meeting
Thera Technologies company meeting
UK-CAB internal meeting
Company meeting: Theratechnlogies
Meeting report

UK-CAB 77: Meeting with Janssen April 2021
Janssen pre-meeting
Janssen Company meeting
UK-CAB internal meeting
Company meeting: Janssen
Meeting report – confidential, available to members only

UK-CAB 76: Meeting with ViiV Healthcare February 2021
ViiV Healthcare pre-meeting
ViiV Healthcare Company meeting
UK-CAB internal meeting
Company meeting: ViiV Healthcare
Meeting report

UK-CAB 75: Meeting with Gilead Sciences November 2020
Gilead pre-meeting
Gilead company meeting
UK-CAB internal meeting
Company meeting: Gilead Sciences
Meeting report

UK-CAB 74: Meeting with MSD October 2020
MSD pre-meeting
MSD company meeting
UK-CAB internal meeting
Company meeting: MSD
Meeting report

UK-CAB 73: AIDS 2020 and BHIVA feedback, Janssen company meeting: July 2020
Part 1: Company meeting with Janssen-  17 July 2020
Part 2: IAS feedback – 24 July 2020
BHIVA conference feedback – Alex Sparrowhawk
UK-CAB COVID-19 survey snapshot – Alex Sparrowhawk
IAS feedback – Simon Collins
Company meeting: Janssen
Meeting report – confidential, available  to members only

COVID-19 research update 2: 5 June 2020
Zoom recording update on YouTube
Disparities in the risk and outcomes of COVID-19
Disparities in the risk and outcomes of COVID-19 – data pack

COVID-19 research update: 1 May 2020
COVID-19 research update 
Zoom meeting recording available on YouTube

UK-CAB 72:  30 April 2020 
COVID-19 and CD4/immune system; CROI feedback; London patient Q&A
Impact of COVID-19 on the immune system and CD4
CROI feedback
London patient Q&A
Video recording of meeting


UK-CAB 71: 24 January 2020
Broadly Neutralising Antibodies (bNABs), POPPY Sleep study feedback
UK-CAB updates
Company pre-meeting
Company meeting reflection
HIV broadly neutralising antibodies(bNAbs) and the RIO study
POPPY Sleep study feedback
INTUIT study feedback
Member updates
Company meeting:  ViiV Healthcare
Meeting report


UK-CAB 70: 15 November 2019
Ageing, polypharmacy and POPPY study feedback
UK-CAB updates
Company pre-meeting
POPPY study feedback
Member updates
Meeting reflection
Company meeting: Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD)
Meeting report


UK-CAB 69: 3 August 2018

Sex, sexuality and self-image
UK-CAB updates
Company pre-meeting
IAS 2019 feedback
Personal stories
PRISM study poster at AIDS Impact
Company meeting: Janssen
Meeting report – confidential, available  to members only


UK-CAB 68: 6 April 2019

HIV and mental health
UK-CAB updates
CROI Feedback
HIV & Mental Health: The Psychologist’s point of view
Self-care & Mindfulness – Mel Rattue
Advocating for mental health service provision in your area – Jo Josh
Feedback from BHIVA
Members updates
Local Updates
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 67: 23 November 2018
Undetectable = Untransmittable: What We Know Now
UK-CAB updates and company pre-meeting
U=U – The Clinician’s Perspective
U=U – The Community Perspective
BHIVA U=U Initiative
Glasgow 2018 Feedback, PRISM Study, BHIVA ART Guidelines
Community rep feedback
Company meeting: ViiV Healthcare

UK-CAB 66: 03 August 2018
AIDS 2018 feedback, future ART, cure research
UK-CAB updates and company pre-meeting
RIVER cure study
Future treatments
AIDS 2018 conference feedback
Community rep feedback
Company meeting: Janssen

UK-CAB 65: 21 April 2018  
BHIVA BASHH feedback: Treatment as Prevention
Company pre-meeting
BHIVA BASHH clinical feedback
2018 BHIVA pregnancy feedback update
TasP for sexual reproduction health
U=U discussion feedback
BHIVA BASHH community feedback
Company meeting: Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD)
Meeting report

UK-CAB 64: 19 January 2018
Children and teenagers with HIV
Introduction to clinical trials
Mind the gap-transition to adult care
Young person’s personal experience of living with HIV
Achieving holistic well being for children and young people growing up with HIV; an overview of CHIVA’s work
BHIVA conference feedback
BHIVA standards of care 2018 update
Company meeting: none
Meeting report

UK-CAB 63: 14 July 2017
Quality of life, health and wellbeing
Company pre-meeting
Health and outcomes in PLWH with and without depression
Increased physical activity levels amongst HIV positive individuals
National Standards for HIV Peer Support
King’s fund conference feedback
NHIVNA conference feedback
Study feedback: The changing landscape of cervical screening – what does the future hold for women living with HIV?
Company meeting: ViiV Healthcare

UK-CAB 62: 21 April 2017
HIV generic medications
Company pre-meeting
Company meeting: Merck Sharp Dohme (MSD)
CROI 2017 feedback
Generic HIV medication – HIV pharmacist
Use of generic medication: Commissioning perspective
BHIVA spring conference 2017 feedback

UK-CAB 61: 20 January 2017
HIV and primary care
Company pre-meeting
Feedback on Gilead
Getting the most out of your GP
Shared care: Findings from the BHIVA primary care project
BHIVA SHR guidelines on assisted conception
BHIVA Audit and Standards subcommittee feedback
Member updates
Company meeting:  Gilead Sciences

UK-CAB 60: 4 November 2016
HIV and lung health
Personal perspective as a TB patient
TB services across England
HIV and lung health
IAS and Research for HIV prevention conferences feedback
BHIVA Autumn conference feedback
HIV Glasgow conference feedback
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 59: 8 July 2016
HIV and cognitive impairment
BME access to mental health in Leicester
HIV neurology
Cognitive impairment in well treated cohorts
SELPHI UK study discussion
Member updates
Company meeting: ViiV Healthcare

UK-CAB 58: 29 April 2016
HIV and hormonal therapy
HIV and menopause
Community engagement on BHIVA guidelines
Personal experience: Trans*woman – Catalina Hermes
Community response to NHS PrEP reconsideration – NAT
Ageing conference feedback – Damian Kelly
Study discussion: Linkage to care following HIV diagnosis
Member update: Stigma index: Alastair Hudson
Conferences feedback – BHIVA
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 57: 22 January 2016
HIV and diabetes
Living with HIV and diabetes: the perfect storm (personal experience)
Type 2 diabetes in HIV infection
Insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus in HIV infection
Effects of ART on kidneys – which ones matters (Fanconi trial)
HIV respiratory diseases study
Conferences feedback
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 56: 16 October 2015
HIV cure research update, IAS feedback
BMS pre-meeting
Community perspective on cure
HIV cure research update
Members updates
Company meeting: BMS

 UK-CAB 55: 3 July 2015
Hepatitis C co-infection, START study community feedback
START and the implications to BHIVA treatment guidelines
Hepatitis C genotypes
DAAs for HCV infection – are we there yet?
ChemSex and HIV HCV co-infection
Conference feedback – BHIVA
Member updates
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 54: 17 April 2015
NHS HIV drug approval process, CROI feedback
Clinical Priorities Advisory Group (CPAG) Prioritisation Framework
How to respond to a CRG consultation
HIV Medication approval process
Conference feedback: CROI feedback
BHIVA Treatment Guidelines Community Consultation
Member updates and AOB
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 53: 23 January 2015
PrEP HIV Prevention
Patient perspective on PrEP
PROUD study update
TasP and PrEP – a doctor’s perspective
TasP and PrEP – a policy perspective
Conferences feedback: HIV Glasgow 2014 congress, BHIVA Five Nations Conference on HIV and Hepatitis
Company meeting: Gilead

UK-CAB 52: 24 October 2014
Sexual health and HIV
HIV and sexual happiness
Chemsex: sexual drug use by MSM
MSD pre-meeting
Conferences feedback: IAS, BHIVA Autumn conference
Who can access PrEP?
Member feedback
Company meeting: MSD

UK-CAB 51: 4 July 2014
Mental health and HIV
Setting standards in providing psychological support to people living with HIV: Engaging service users in the community
Patient experience on mental health and HIV
In Treatment: improving psychological wellbeing in the HIV clinic
States of Mind: Improving mental wellbeing in the HIV community
Consultation on dolutegravir policy discussion
London therapeutic tender implementation discussion
NIHR study to assess low dose efavirenz
Member feedback
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 50: 25 April 2014
Looking backwards, moving forward
Member voices
Introduction to why there is UK-CAB
Clinical trials training
The campaign: what you can do
The Changing landscape of biomedical HIV prevention research
Conferences feedback – CROI, BHIVA and EASL
Member feedback
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 49: 24 January 2014
Accountability in the new NHS England
Setting the scene: insiders views from the HIV CRG reps
NHS England: patients at the heart of the agenda
Healthwatch England – a platform for action
Local Government and Health and Wellbeing boards
How does it all fit together – panel discussion
ViiV pre-meeting
Feedback from members
Company meeting: ViiV Healthcare

UK-CAB 48: 1 November 2013
Hepatitis C co-infection
UK-CAB treatment activism training feedback
Introduction to Hepatitis C (HCV)
HCV monitoring, treatment and studies updates
HCV self management
POPPY study update
Conference feedback: EACS
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 47: 12 July 2013
Transition from paediatric to adult services
The HIV journey from paediatric to adult services
Personal story by a young person
Epidemiology of perinatal HIV in the UK/Ireland
Growing up with HIV – the paediatric legacy for adult services
Conference feedback: BHIVA, IAS
Company meeting: Gilead Sciences

UK-CAB 46: 12 April 2013
HIV and cancer
CROI feedback
Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) pre-meeting
Introduction to HIV and cancer
HIV and cancer – monitoring, screening and treatment
Company meeting: Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD)
Meeting report

UK-CAB 45: 18 January 2013
HIV cure research
Conference feedback – Glasgow HIV11 congress
Hepatitis guidelines update
Pre-meeting for Dr Simon Barton
Introduction to HIV cure research: pieces in the puzzle
Current research towards an HIV cure
HIV services in the new NHS
Company meeting: none
Meeting report

UK-CAB 44: 19 October 2012
Generics and drug development
Drug development, an introduction
Drug development in relation to PrEP and PROUD studies
Access campaign – generic HIV drugs
Conferences feedback by UKCAB members:
AIDS 2012 – History and hepatitis
Make women count: women community activism and advocacy at IAC
IAS feedback
Washington Snapshot
WAC feedback; Living2012, 2015 Pledge
Company meeting: none
Meeting report

UK-CAB 43: 6 July 2012
Bone health and exercise
Bone health and exercise
Bone health and Vitamin D deficiency in HIV+ patients
Company pre-meeeting
BHIVA Community poster – Body and Soul
Company meeting:  ViiV Healthcare
Meeting report

UK-CAB 42: 13 April 2012
Diagnostics – resistance, viral load testing
Patient Information Security
HIV Activism at 30
HIV Drug Resistance
Estimating loss to follow up among patients accessing HIV care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Less frequent tests, impact on HIV care?
Patient reporting of medicines-related problems
Company meeting: none
Meeting report

UK-CAB 41: 20 January 2012
TB and HIV
TB and HIV – treatment and screening
TB-HIV Strengthening community response
Company pre-meeting on TMC207
UK-CAB London drug survey feedback
Company meeting: Janssen
Meeting report – confidential, available  to members only.

UK-CAB 40: 21 October 2011
Gender and HIV Research
Gender and HIV research: history and overview
Outcomes in HIV positive women
The XX Factor – Women and HIV
London HIV drug prescribing update and survey
Company meeting: BMS
CAB 40 Meeting report

UK-CAB 39: 8 July 2011
London HIV drug prescribing and Hepatitis C
Introduction to London HIV drug prescribing
NAT response to London HIV drug prescribing
Moderated discussion on London HIV drug prescribing
BHIVA standards of care document – community input
Hepatitis C: where next?
Company meeting: none
CAB39 meeting report

UK-CAB 38: 15 April 2011
HIV and the brain
HIV and brain function
HIV, antiretroviral therapy and the brain
Changes to HIV drug prescribing in London and what implications this could have for the rest of the UK
Company meeting: Abbott
CAB38 meeting report

UK-CAB 37; 4 February 2011
Treatement as prevention
iPrEX Trial Design, statistical aspect of the results relating to the adherence data
Science behind PrEP/Pharmacology training; complexity of how drugs are absorbed and measured indifferent body compartments, and particularly for PrEP
PIVOT Trial: Possible analyses of collected data
Company meeting: Gilead
CAB37 meeting report

UK-CAB 36; 22 October 2010
Making the most of your GP
General Practice and HIV/AIDS
Accessing GP Care: the patient’s perspective
Outcomes in HIV
IAS Vienna 2010
Company meeting: none
CAB36 meeting report

UK-CAB 35; 9 July 2010
Early Diagnosis and Primary Infection
Early Diagnosis and Primary Infection
CASCADE – Seroconverters Database
Vienna preview – a guide on what to look out for
BHIVA Feedback
Company meeting: Merck
CAB35 meeting report

UK-CAB 34; 18 June 2010
Community Training Day
What are observational studies
The UK Collaborative HIV Cohort Study
The UK HIV Drug Resistance Database
National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood
HPA Surveillance databases
New IT methods to protect data
How do we analyse observational databases
Company meeting: none
CAB34 meeting report

UK-CAB 33; 19 March 2010
African Treatment Issues and Late Diagnosis
Issues for African sub-groups
Pre-Meeting for Gilead
CROI Feedback
Company meeting: Gilead
CAB33 meeting report

UK-CAB 32; 22 January 2010
Advocacy training day
Confidence building workshop
Skill-building session
NHS structures in the UK
Getting other advocates involved
What next – active involvement
Company meeting: none
CAB32 meeting report

UK-CAB 31; 23 October 2009
Ageing and HIV
UKCHIC Proposed Ageing Study
Ageing with HIV: Project Overview Will we ever get to be old and wise?
BHIVA Conference overview
Pre-meeting for Abbott
HIV and Ageing interactive session
Company meeting: Abbott
CAB31 meeting report

UK-CAB 30; 31 July 2009
BHIVA Routine Monitoring Guidelines
HIV Treatment Advocacy Overview
Definitions of Advocacy
Denver Principles
History of Advocacy Film highlights
Advocacy Training in Practice
Pre-Meeting for Bristol-Myers Squibb
IAS Conference Feedback
Company meeting: BMS
CAB30 meeting report

UK-CAB 29: 1 May 2009
Resistance Revisited
Introducing the HIV Vaccine Advisory Board
Resistance Explored
Company meeting: GSK abacavir, pipeline drugs and merger
CAB29 meeting report

UK-CAB 28: 30 January 2009
Late Presenters
Training and presentations: Immunology
Company meeting:Tibotec
Etravirine overview including comment on drug interaction,
Darunavir European license extended to all treatment-experienced
Rilpivirine (TMC-278) Next generation first-line NNRTI and pipeline HIV plus HCV and TB
CAB28 meeting report

UK-CAB 27: 24 October 2008
Transition from Paediatric Care to Adult Services.
Training and presentations:
Mexico Feedback
BHIVA Education Scientific Committee Feedback
Update on the HCQ and PIVOT trials.
Transitional Care from Paediatric to Adult Services: A Clinical Care Perspective.
Young People and HIV: A Social Support Perspective
Company meeting: BMS
CAB27 meeting report

UK-CAB 26: 25 July 2008
TB and HIV
Reporting adverse drug reactions
Training and presentations:
TB and HIV
Yellow Card scheme for reporting adverse drug reactions
Feedback from UNGASS in New York and Resistance Workshop in Sitges
Company meeting: Theratechnologies

UK-CAB 25: 11 April 2008
Reading study results
D:A:D study
BHIVA treatment guidelines
Company meeting: GSK
Training and presentations:
Interpreting risk and confidence in study results
D:A:D study: abacavir, ddI and risk of heart attack
Conference feedback from CROI 2008
Company meeting: GlaxoSmithKline – abacavir and data on risk of heart attack, drugs in development.
Community consultation: BHIVA draft treatment guidelines

UK-CAB 24: 25 January 2008
BHIVA 2007 clinical audit
Training and presentations:
BHIVA 2007 clinical audit: treatment of naïve patients
Campaigning for microbicides
Promoting PEPSE: role of the HIV treatment advocate
PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis).
Company meeting: Pfizer – the drug development process.

UK-CAB 23: 2 November 2007
Access to treatment for migrants and people facing deportation
Training and presentations:
Access to treatment for migrants and people facing deportation: the clinician’s perspective
HIV in removal centres
Feedback from European AIDS Clinical Society Conference 2007, Madrid
Company meeting: Roche – nelfinavir recall, GEMINI study, Biojector.

UK-CAB 22: 13 July 2007
HIV testing and monitoring
Training and presentations:
Rapid testing in practice – testing: the standard of care and some other useful tests
Viral tropism
Monitoring HIV infection and treatment in the 2nd decade of HAART
Feedback from AIDS Impact Conference
Yellow Card scheme.
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 21: 20 April 2007
African treatment issues
Training and presentations:
UK HIV drug resistance database
Genetics and higher NNRTI levels in Africans
African treatment issues: response to treatment, side effects
Treatment access and other issues
Feedback from CROI 2007: new pipeline drugs.
Company meeting: Merck – raltegravir and integrase inhibitors.

UK-CAB 20: 26 January 2007
London HIV commissioning – renal toxicity
Training and presentations:
London HIV commissioning
Renal toxicity studies
Company meeting: Gilead – Atripla registration, renal studies and tenofovir, drugs in development.

UK-CAB 19: 24 November 2006
BHIVA standards project
Training and presentations:
BHIVA standards project
Feedback from International Congress on HIV and Drug Therapy 2006, Glasgow.
Company meeting: none.

UK-CAB 18: 1 September 2006
HIV related dementia
Training and presentations:
HIV related brain impairment – feedback from World Haemophilia Congress 2006, Vancouver, AIDS 2006, Toronto
Meetings on HIV transmission and criminalisation.
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 17: 26 May 2006
Cancer and HIV
Training and presentations:
Cancer and HIV
Feedback from BHIVA
EATG and NAM seminar on new drugs
Company meeting: Gilead – ‘One a day’ pill development, new integrase inhibitors.

UK-CAB 16: 24 February 2006
HIV related brain impairment
Training and presentations:
HIV related brain impairment
National Treatment Support Project
SMART study
Company meeting: Tibotec – TMC-114 and TMC-125.

UK-CAB 15: 25 November 2005
Treatment access in eastern Europe
Training and presentations:
Treatment access in eastern Europe
Hepatitis C coinfection
Feedback from BHIVA conference
European AIDS Clinical Society Conference 2005
Dublin and International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy 2005, Dublin
Global Fund
Company meeting: Pfizer – CCR5 inhibitors

UK-CAB 14: 19 August 2005
MRC Clinical Trials Unit
Training and presentations:
Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit
Feedback from 3rd IAS conference, Rio
Company meeting: Roche – T20, Biojector and plans for its availability in the UK.

UK-CAB 13: 3 June 2005
Introduction to immunology – entry inhibitors.
Training and presentations:
Introduction to immunology
Entry inhibitors
Feeback from BHIVA
CROI 2005 and South African PWA conference
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 12: 28 January 2005
Children and HIV – UK treatment guidelines
Training and presentations:
Approaches to paediatric HIV care
UK treatment guidelines.
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 11: 14 November 2004
Community participation in preventive HIV vaccine trials
Training and presentations:
Approaches to community participation in preventive HIV vaccine trials
Feedback from International Congress on HIV and Drug Therapy 2004, Glasgow.
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 10: 13 August 2004
Introduction to statistics 3, AIDS 2004 conference
Training and presentations:
Introduction to statistics session 5-6 – feedback from AIDS 2004
Bangkok: mother-to-child transmission, harm reduction and IDUs
3TC monotherapy
Kaletra monotherapy
Pharmacology and drug interactions, treatment access.
Company meeting: none

UK-CAB 9: 21 May 2004
Vaccines and microbicides 
Training and presentations:
Introduction to basic vaccine technology
Topical microbicides
Internationl AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)
Community involvement in vaccine and microbicide research
Thorny issues in HIV vaccine research
Feedback from BHIVA conference
Company meeting: Tibotec – TMC-120

UK-CAB 8: 27 February 2004
Introduction to statistics 2
Training and presentations:
Introduction to statistics Sessions 3-4
Hepatitis C coinfection: APRICOT study
Feedback from CROI 2004: mother to child transmission, women, hepatitis C coinfection.
Company meeting: BMS – Atazanavir: update, access and pricing in UK.

UK-CAB 7: 21 November 2003
Introduction to statistics 1 
Training and presentations:
Introduction to statistics sessions 1-2
Company meeting: Gilead – Tenofovir drug interactions.

UK-CAB 6: 8 August 2003
IAS conference feedback
Training and presentations:
New data from  2nd IAS conference, Paris
Trizivir, emtricitabine, nuke-sparing combinations, atazanavir and boosted PI regimens T20,
New formulations of nelfinavir and saquinavir
SIMBA study (reducing mother-to-baby transmission and breast-feeding)
Feedback from lipodystrophy and resistance workshops
Company meeting: GlaxoSmithKline – ACTG 5095 study, abacavir and tenofovirinteraction, fosamprenavir, neuropathy, viral fitness.

UK-CAB 5: 2 May 2003
Access to treatment, TB and HIV
Training and presentations:
Access to treatment in the UK: working with HIV-positive refugees and asylum seekers
TB and HIV
Company meeting: Roche – T20

UK-CAB 4: 31 January 2003
Women and HIV – HIV, coinfections and multiple conditions
Training and presentations:
Women and HIV: why gender is a real issue
Hepatitis C coinfection
Living with multiple conditions
48 weeks of interferon and ribavirin: was it worth it?
Company meeting: Roche – Hepatitis C products: trial results, side effects, pricing and access, future developments.

UK-CAB 3: 25 October 2002
HIV, pregnancy and maternal heath
Training and presentations:
Of mothers, orphans and the HIV pandemic
Principles of care of the HIV-1 infected pregnant mother
Fertility treatment and spermashing
Company meeting: Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Tipranavir: trials, resistance and clinical data
  • nevirapine use in pregnancy,
  • drugs in development: hepatitis C protease inhibitor

UK-CAB 2: 2 August 2002
Resistance, salvage therapy
Training and presentations:
Basic mechanisms of resistance: how to avoid resistance, when to change treatment, how to interpret different resistance tests
Approaches to salvage therapy: avoiding initial failure
Mega-HAART including OPTIMA study, treatment interruptions, use of new drugs.
Company meeting: BMS

  • Atazanavir: overview, resistance, safety, side effects, lipids and expanded access programme
  • ddI interaction with tenofovir,
  • d4T XR, BMS-561390 (DPC-083).

UK-CAB 1: 31 May 2002
UK-CABs – clinical trials
Training and presentations:
Clinical trials: structure, timelines, design, basic statistics and study power
Informed consent and patient involvement in trials
Role of advocates – UK, European and US CABs (Community Advisory Boards)
Company meeting: Gilead

  • tenofovir
  • adefovir for hepatitis B
  • cidofovir