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Nicoletta Policek

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Nicoletta Policek

Nicoletta Policek is criminologist. Nicoletta’s specialisms are to be summarised in Human Rights legislation and Human Rights violations; migration studies; gender and sexuality studies; sex work; HIV and public health; social impact of epidemics and emergencies.

Nicoletta has been combining a career in academia with her passion for social justice and human rights and she has been involved in HIV advocacy and activism since the 1980s. At present, Nicoletta is a Commissioner on the Global IAPAC-Lancet HIV Commission on the Future of Urban HIV Responses and the Chair of the subcommittee Right to Health. She sits on the Board of Trustees of HIV Scotland as Chairperson.

When she not busy taking over from Mary Poppins, Nicoletta can be found hiking in the Dolomites or lazily strolling in Venice in the company of her beloved handbags.