UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

Guidance notes for chairing UK CAB meetings

Download these notes as a PDF file [48 Kb]

The chair (or co-chairs) and timekeeper should work together to support each other through the meeting. This is to encourage other UK CAB members to gain confidence as chairs at future meetings.

Please arrange your seating so that you can easily see all participants when they want to contribute.

UK CAB meetings

  • Welcome everyone.
  • Allow time for introductions around the room.
  • Logistics of day, toilets, fire procedures, breaks, and lunch; where to smoke – for those still ignoring risk factors!
  • Introduce speaker and topic. Always good to know who you are introducing but you can hand to speaker to introduce themselves.
  • Invite contributions:
    • Make sure that everyone who should speak on an issue gets the chance to, not just those who can talk the loudest and longest.
    • Encourage quieter members to communicate their feelings, perhaps by prompting them with questions.
    • Ensure everyone speaks through the chair.
  • Ask for copy of slides or copy to be sent at later date for members.
  • Use other SG members to get people back after breaks for time keeping.
  • Remind members to complete evaluation forms and hand them in at the end of the meeting.

Chairing a meeting with a company

  • This part of the meeting should start with a minute silence prior in memory of those who were and are unable to benefit from advances in treatments and who are unable to access treatment today.
  • After the minutes silence, everyone should briefly introduce themselves.
  • Following a pharma presentation it is important to thank the speakers but protocol is not to applaud.


  • Support the Chair to keep the meeting on time.
  • Support chair by noting the order of attendees wanting to speak.
  • Help to ensure the speakers keep to the time allocated for their presentations (essential for successful meetings and great attendee participation).