UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

HIV and hepatitis guidelines

Key sources

British HIV Association (BHIVA)

CHIVA – Children’s HIV Association

Europe – European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS)

For children and HIV treatment, the CHIVA and PENTA websites give more information.

PENTA – Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS

US – Department of Health and Human Sciences

British HIV Association guidelines

The following UK guidelines are on the BHIVA website. All have free full access.

  • ART for adults and adolescents (2015)

When to start or change HIV treatment and which drugs to use.

  • Vaccines and immunisations (2015).
  • HIV and hepatitis coinfection (2014)

Diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of HIV positive people who also have hepatitis B and/or hepatitis C.

  • HIV and cancer (2014)

A specialist guideline on the most common cancers related to HIV.

  • Standards of HIV care (2013)

All aspects of HIV care – used in planning all HIV services in the UK, not just treatment.

  • HIV and pregnancy (2014)

Guidelines to make sure that both the mother and baby receive the best care before, during and after pregnancy.

  • HIV and TB coinfection (2011)
  • Opportunistic Infections (2011)

Other guidelines include:

Safer sex (2012), Monitoring tests (2011), HIV-2 (2010), HIV testing (2008).