UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)


“For someone new to HIV or to the UK-CAB, attending a regular meeting can seem a bit daunting. The topics and language can quickly become quite technical, and everybody else present seems to be so well informed!

“We want to give everyone the chance to get up to speed with the basics.  The training might also be a good refresher if you feel you are a bit ‘out of touch’ with HIV or the UK-CAB.”

Ben Cromarty, UK-CAB Steering Group

Knowledge about HIV and current treatment options is important and empowering for everyone living with HIV.  As a network of HIV treatment advocates, the UK-CAB provides training in order to develop and strengthen a national network of informed community voices so that we can both understand and influence our treatment and care.

Our training offers the opportunity to meet with doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical companies. It includes:

  • Quarterly face-to-face or online meetings;
  • Residential training workshops;
  • A new online training programme, starting in 2021.

All training is free of charge and travel expenses are covered if needed.

Residential Training Workshops

The primary aim of our residential training workshops is to provide the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge about HIV, supporting members of the UK-CAB to build their skills and confidence.  Members who attend these courses are encouraged to become more engaged and active in future UK-CAB activities, for example, by applying for different community representative roles.

You can share information from past residential treatment activism sessions online via these links:

2021 Online Training Programme

If you are new to the HIV sector, if you don’t have the opportunity to attend meetings or training sessions during the working day, or if you just want to improve your knowledge, the 2021 online training programme is for you.  It could help to clarify some things you don’t understand, so you are able to follow the latest developments and treatments, and give you an overview of the history of HIV activism.

The online training programme is a series of online one-hour modules which end with the opportunity for questions and discussions.  Sessions could include a presentation from an individual or a panel of knowledgeable experts.  If you are unable to attend a session live, then you can catch up later and send in questions by email.  We plan to run some additional follow up sessions where we will bring back presenters to answer questions not covered in the module itself or to discuss a subject in greater depth.

The online training programme aims to give you an introduction to a wide range of topics. These will include HIV testing and diagnosis; how HIV treatment works; HIV care today in the UK (what to expect from your clinic;) evidence-based medicine and how HIV drugs are developed; the HIV pharmaceutical industry; the UK-CAB and what it does; the British HIV Association (BHIVA) and how the UK-CAB works with BHIVA.

The online training is not intended to replace the Residential Training Workshops. These are able to go into much more detail.  The online training will provide a good introduction which will enable you to get more out of a UK-CAB meeting, conference or online information from other sources. We hope that it will also encourage you to become active treatment advocates in your own right.

The online training programme is made possible thanks to a grant from MSD, for which the UK-CAB is grateful.