UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)


“For someone new to HIV or to the UK-CAB, attending a regular meeting can seem a bit daunting. The topics and language can quickly become quite technical, and everybody else present seems to be so well informed!

“We want to give everyone the chance to get up to speed with the basics.  The training might also be a good refresher if you feel you are a bit ‘out of touch’ with HIV or the UK-CAB.”

Ben Cromarty, UK-CAB Steering Group

Knowledge about HIV and current treatment options is important and empowering for everyone living with HIV.  As a network of HIV treatment advocates, the UK-CAB provides training in order to develop and strengthen a national network of informed community voices so that we can both understand and influence our treatment and care.

Our training offers the opportunity to meet with doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical companies. It includes:

  • Quarterly face-to-face or online meetings;
  • Residential training workshops;
  • A new online training programme, starting in 2023.

All training is free of charge and travel expenses are covered if needed.

Online Training Programme
Starts 10th Jan 2023

The UK-CAB online training programme is an introduction to HIV treatment, research and treatment advocacy for people living with HIV, affected by HIV, or working in the HIV sector. Presented by people from the HIV community, leading clinicians and experts, it is free for all UK-CAB members.

The course will go out fortnightly live, followed by a live Q&A with panellists and speakers. Recordings will then be available online for people who miss the live session and for anyone who would like to watch again.

To join UK-CAB, click on this link. The UK-CAB network is free to join and open to anyone living with HIV, affected by HIV or working in the HIV sector, other than pharmaceutical companies and their agencies.

What it’s about

The online training programme is in three sections, with each section including 5 or 6 one-hour modules:

  • Section 1: HIV treatment *BOOKING NOW*
    Starts Monday 10th January 2023 at 7pm, every two weeks thereafter.
  • Section 2: Evidence-based medicine and clinical trials *COMING SOON*
  • Section 3: Living with HIV, HIV treatment and advocacy *COMING SOON*

The online training programme is made possible thanks to a grant from MSD, for which the UK-CAB is grateful.

Section 1: HIV Treatment

This section begins with a look at life before HIV treatment with a panel of people who witnessed it. We also look at testing and diagnosis, in clinics and in the community, and HIV treatment today, with advice on how to get the best from your HIV doctor and clinic. Section 1 ends with an overview of HIV cure, with a live update.

Module 1.1 – HIV History
This section begins with an outline of how the AIDS epidemic began, the impact on the general population and the rise of AIDS activism from Ben Cromarty. This is followed by a panel discussion from Dr Duncan Churchill, Consultant. University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust;  Chris Sandford, HIV activist and historian, peer support worker and Education Director, National HIV Story Trust and Haemophilia and HIV activist, Lecturer, Sussex University.
 Click here to register for Tuesday 10 January 7.00 pm.

Module 1.2 – HIV Testing
The science behind HIV testing is followed by a community panel from leading national HIV organisations, who share their experiences of testing in community settings.

Module 1.3 – HIV Treatment
The first part of two sections on HIV treatment looks at how treatment was developed and the milestones leading to today’s effective ART, followed by an introduction to the immune system.

Module 1.4 – HIV Treatment
The second HIV treatment module explores how ART works and the impact of effective treatment, leading to U=U. This is followed by an overview of future treatments, with a live update.

Module 1.5 – HIV Treatment in Practice in the UK
This module follows the path to tailored treatment, from initial diagnosis through to long term care, with a panel including a peer support worker, a specialist nurse and an HIV clinician.

Module 1.6 – HIV Cure and Vaccine
The narrative of HIV cure research, leading to where we are today as the quest continues, with live update.

Residential Training Workshops

The primary aim of our residential training workshops is to provide the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge about HIV, supporting members of the UK-CAB to build their skills and confidence.  Members who attend these courses are encouraged to become more engaged and active in future UK-CAB activities, for example, by applying for different community representative roles.

You can share information from past residential treatment activism sessions online via these links: